Westcourt Facilities Limited

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning for all size and types of properties and premises. 

Our first class team of professional cleaners is available outside regular business hours and at weekends at no additional charge. 

We offer a complete range of professional carpet cleaning solutions all of which neutralise, deodorise and offer an inbuilt light soil protection.

Unlike many carpet cleaning companies we do not use optical brighteners or phosphates in our solutions as according to the carpet & rug organisation  these can affect long term appearance and can cause yellowing. The solutions we use are also biodegradable, low pH and environmentally aware.  

We incorporate specialist  Pet Carpet Cleaning with geranium and chamomile specifically  designed to remove pet odours and stains from any carpet, rug or upholstery material.

The unique formula contains a reactivating odour treatment that continues working for hours after application. It is tough on heavy soiling, stains and odours yet is gentle on carpet materials, and is safe for you, your pets and your home.

We can provide a bespoke cleaning and carpet cleaning package.